Sales Incentives

Customer Loyalty Increases Sales Revenue

Sales IncentivesSales Incentive Programs by Market Incentives are designed around one simple principle:

Engage your customers with Sales Incentives and your Sales Revenue will show Positive Growth.

Our Sales Incentive Programs promote Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction that lead to Sales and Performance level increases.  Once consumers recognize their need for your product/service and feel comfortable that your pricing structure is competitive, the final ingredient in most buying decisions that differentiates you from your competition is Customer Loyalty.  An innovative Sales Incentive Program will motivate your dealers to highlight your products and provide your customers with multiple reasons to choose you . . . and keep coming back.

Why invest in Sales Incentives versus other Marketing or Advertising efforts?

ANSWER: With our Corporate Sales Incentive Programs, your Investment only comes due after you achieve POSITIVE SALES RESULTS.

Sales Incentives Motivate New and Existing Customers

Our Sales Incentive Programs are designed to generate Increased Sales from both New and Existing Customers. While New Customers are critical for any Business, successful Businesses consistently must maintain a strong focus on existing customers as well.  Why?

How do Corporate Sales Incentives Work?

Market Incentives designs customized Corporate Sales Incentive Programs that create a unique experience for your customers.  We help you market your reasons for getting the customer “in the door,” and then we follow up with the motivation and the incentives for them to continue purchasing your products or services. 

What are the benefits?

By Stimulating Interest and Encouraging Action, Gift Award Incentives Drive Sales

Market Incentives specializes in developing inspirational Incentive Sales Campaigns, Dealer/Distributor Programs, and Customer Loyalty programs that build Brand Awareness, garner Customer Loyalty, and make your products stand out from the competition.

The next time your Company launches a New Product, features a new or revamped Brand, markets a combination of Products, or simply wants to increase Sales Activity, consider implementing one of our Sales Incentive programs in tandem.  We help our Corporate Clients uncover new and untapped areas of opportunity, and together develop Sales Incentive Programs structured with customized Reward Points to match your Corporate Sales goals.

For more information on how to develop your Sales Incentive Program with Creative Marketing Initiatives and Cross-Selling, please click here.