Our Incentiv-EASE Custom Software Application

A Multi-Use, Cost-Saving Program Management and Communication System

Our online incentive and promotional management application is affordable, extremely user-friendly, and EASY to manage.  We refer to the concept as Incentiv-EASE™.  You enjoy low technology costs because we have taken our forty years of experience in the Incentive and Promotional Products industries and built an online platform from the ground up that achieves cost benefits for all of our clients.  The best part, however, is that each online program—from the customer-facing side—is unique and highly customizable.
Our personalization options range from the most basic (a Welcome message, a statement describing the rules of your program and how to earn points, and your own Company logo) to your very own custom-designed homepage and real-time data uploads to the website.  We can adapt or alter product selection and product categories easily, allow for personalized congratulatory notes from management and custom-designed electronic awards, and utilize point of sale data retrieval to allow participants to submit purchase information in programs for sales incentive rewards.

The result is your very own Incentive Awards or Company Store website that you and your participants can log into anytime, anywhere, to check point balances, view your program goals and how to earn points, redeem points, run reports, view points distribution and order activity, and communicate with your audience, to name just a few of the possibilities.

We Call It BonusAwards.com—You Can Call It Whatever You Want

Bonus RewardsBonusAwards.com is the “generic” URL address for our online awards platform.  When you choose your level of customization regarding the “look and feel” that you want for your incentive or Company Store portal, you can also choose where your participants will go to logon to your site.  You may use the BonusAwards login page or create your own with your own URL address.

If you choose, you can be the only one that knows that Market Incentives is “behind the scenes.”  If you want your clients, customers or dealers to believe that you developed the program technology yourself, we can make it look like you did.




What You Get . . . Low-Cost Entry, Ease of Use, World-Class Product Selection, and Immense Scalability

Many companies fear getting involved with an incentive program because of cost and complexity.  With the MI model, both of these concerns are eliminated.  No hassles; no problems; easy to use.  In summary, Market Incentives offers an online incentive or Company Store platform with LOW-COST entry, EASE of use, WORLD-CLASS Product Selection, and immense SCALABILITY. 

The interface is clean and intuitive to even the least technologically-savvy incentive participant.  When your participants login to your site, they immediately see your logo and personalized welcome message.  Our software also lets your participants view, select, and redeem their awards from a personalized home page that notes who they are, how many points they have, and their point activity to date, when they login.

We offer an extensive collection of name-brand, premium merchandise that caters to any audience, shipped anywhere in the contiguous U.S. with no added fees.  We source our products from over 400 different supplier partners to offer exciting and new rewards that appeal to your targeted demographic.  You can choose to customize your gift selection or offer our full catalog.  We can also easily include your own branded merchandise in our inventory.

Your management access to the administrative console is also extremely user-friendly and accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection.  We can provide you with full administrative access as well as limited managers’ access so that you and your team can award points, send email notifications, view orders, and see program details 24/7.

Your administrative access also allows you to run reports in real time, whenever you like, or we can deliver these reports to your inbox on a set schedule.  If we do not offer the report you need, our dedicated IT department is able to assist with custom programming.

Your participants are notified automatically when points have been added to their account.  You can also personally or electronically present them with gift award cards or congratulatory certificates personalized with your company logo. They can view their accounts online anytime to check the number of points in their account, and create a “Wish List” to push themselves even harder.

As mentioned above, all of the above can be easily accessed through our BonusAwards.com login or your own unique URL address.  The combination of your participants’ email address and password will ensure that they only see the gift awards that you want them to see.

Our web pages, reports, and data retrieval services are scalable to suit any project.  To learn more about our Reporting Capabilites, please click here>>