Multiple Reward Platforms

Open-Ended or Closed Points Distribution Allows You to Determine Your Own Budget

Multiple Reward PlatformsAs with all of our Customized Corporate Incentive Programs, our team of experienced Incentive Consultants can assist you in choosing the Incentive Program best suited to achieve both your Motivational and Financial goals and objectives.  If your goal is to increase sales, you might decide to structure your program to allow for an open-ended number of points because your cost for the program will be covered by the increased sales volume.

Alternatively, if you would like to stay within a predetermined budget, you can set the amount of points that are distributed within a given time frame so that you know that you will not have to pay out more than you have allotted in your budget plan.

If you are designing a sweepstakes program, you might set the number of gifts to be won and thereby have a fixed budget, or allow for the terms of the contest to dictate the number of winners and therefore have an open budget. 

You could also structure your program by telling us the amount you want to spend per person, and we will give you hundreds of gift award ideas for the recipient to choose from and have delivered to their door . . . all at the same set cost to you. 

The bottom line is that You have complete control over your program at every step of the way.  You decide how much you want to invest in any of our Incentive Programs, and we will provide your award recipients with tens, hundreds, or thousands of gift choices within your limits.

Our Incentive Rewards . . . The Best Because They Are Earned

In a world where consumers have immediate online access to any number of exotic products and services, it takes an in-depth knowledge of consumer trends to select gift awards that are meaningful to participants with very different tastes and styles.

Our Buyers at Market Incentives attend the best national Premium Incentive and Promotional Tradeshows year-round in an effort to keep pace with consumer trends and new product development.  We provide our clients with a robust gift selection that is carefully chosen by experts who know what motivates various demographic audiences, including people of all ages, cultural, ethnic, and financial backgrounds.

Our Online Incentive Reward Programs offer more than 3,000 gift choices sourced from over 400 top-quality, name-brand manufacturers.  Additionally, our Incentive Reward dollar categories are designed to satisfy all price points, ranging from $30 - $5,000 and offering approximately 150-200 gift awards to choose from per category.

Our rewards selection is updated continuously throughout the year, which ensures that your Incentive Reward participants have access to the latest products and model upgrades.  And through our Board Member affiliation with The Awards Consortium, LLC, a group of prominent Incentive Companies in the industry, Market Incentives is able to offer our clients the personalized service of a boutique Incentive Company combined with the unlimited resources of a much larger national organization with a combined total of over $100m. in purchasing power.

You Can Rest Assured that with over 40 Years of Industry Experience, Our Award Fulfillment is Reliable

Market Incentives is committed to providing our clients with efficient and effective Incentive and Promotional Programs from conception to Award Fulfillment. Your Corporate Incentive Program is only as successful as the satisfaction level of your program’s participants.

The Reward Fulfillment Process should always be completed as close to the achievement as possible, and represent the best part of any Corporate Incentive Program.  In order to satisfy this goal, our shipping department tracks every Incentive Reward package to ensure that your participants receive their gift awards in a timely manner and without any inconvenience. Our Goal is to provide every participant with the elated feeling that comes with every gift award that arrives as a result of their personal achievement.

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