Real-Time Reports

All the Tools You Need to Easily Manage and Measure Your Return

Real-Time ReportsYou have outlined the goals of your program; you have devised the point structure; your participants have started to earn points for their participation; now what?  How do you know whether your program is working as you expected?

Not every Incentive Program is structured with a built-in reporting system.  It used to be that the only metric that companies used to measure their results was whether sales were going up.  Now the “C-Suite” requires more accountability.

Every Incentive Program we administer through our BonusAwards portal allows you the ability to track your progress in real time—whenever you want; wherever you want—provided you have an internet connection.  Our administrative console provides your Company with the tools you need to view Open Orders, Outstanding Incentive Points, Redeemed Points, Point Grants, Total Points Earned, Unused Points, and many other “point-in-time” reports so that you can evaluate and manage where you stand, what is working, and any areas that need attention.

We provide this information at your fingertips, or allow you to choose to receive your progress reports on a weekly basis if that is more convenient.  Your dedicated Incentive Marketing Consultant also will review your reports on a periodic basis or one that you set up together so that we can provide you with our comments as to your progress as you move forward.

Individual Progress Reports Help Motivate Your Participants As Well

Market Incentives believes that both Corporate Sponsors and Individual Participants have a greater appreciation for the “incentives behind the program” if they have the ability to review real time Incentive Program information relative to their own situation.  It is very easy to promote the benefits of a Corporate Incentive Program generally speaking; however, it is even better when your people and management teams can see the hard facts for themselves that produced the positive results.

By employing time-tested tactics such as leaderboards, newsletter announcements, or even by using less public announcements such as a “My Account” section on your Incentive Program portal, we can motivate your incentive program participants to push themselves to reach the goals that you have set in a way that you are comfortable with and that is most appropriate to your industry or Company credo.

The bottom line is that we, at Market Incentives, pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation for easy-to-use, simple and effective Incentive Program Tools and Services.  We are always flexible as to how you want to use this information, and we will work with you however we can to make your program launch, duration, and termination as smooth and productive as it can be.  At any time, we hope that you will let your Incentive Marketing Consultant or Personal Account Representative know how we are doing and what we can do to make your program easier or more effective.  If there is a report that you need that we do not offer currently, we will develop it for you.  We do this because it is our mission to provide you with the tools and support you need to review and evaluate your financial return, and it is our promise to be available for questions or suggestions whenever you have them.

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