Promotional Marketing

Exciting Branded Collateral for Any Occasion

Our marketing account executives have years of expertise recommending and designing eye-catching giveaways that will highlight your logo and excite your target audience.  Because so much of a purchasing decision is based on the customer’s “experience” with your brand, you want to create a positive connection that they will remember.

Our promotional support materials will help you generate awareness, promote your product or service, and increase mindshare among consumers and business prospects.  Our dedicated professionals will suggest creative, innovative, and meaningful gifts that bear your company name and have staying power.  We can help you find promotional and motivational resources to help engage your customers, educate your employees, and reach new audiences.

Business Gifts/Tradeshow Giveaways/Event Favors

Promotional products are everywhere.  You see them at conferences, networking events, your bank, and sales meetings.  Lots of companies can put your logo on a pen, or design an eco-friendly tote bag for your “green” meeting.  The key to our success is to discuss your event with you and come up with ideas that have not been done before. 

Our position in the premium industry also gives us access to many high-end business gifts at special pricing. You can choose to have the gifts custom imprinted or blank, depending on your audience. Whether you decide on a slim USB drive, a tumbler, or a luxury briefcase, we will give your choice the attention to detail it deserves because we, at Market Incentives, know that success is determined by performance. This is just as true for us as it is for you and your customers. Engaging your people with your brand has become instrumental in driving sales.

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Online Company Stores are an Easy Way to Bring Your Promotional Items to Your Audience As They Are Needed

In conjunction with our custom incentive program software, we also offer online, low-cost “Company Stores” that enable you to make your branded merchandise available directly to your employees, salespeople and/or customers.  We can store the merchandise in our warehouse and drop-ship on your behalf, or order on-the-spot if minimum quantities are met.

Online company stores make it easy for your district managers with marketing budgets to decide for themselves what will suit their clientele or team.  We offer thousands of possibilities and can suggest promotional items that will stand out and keep your company top-of-mind with your recipients.

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