Custom Incentive Program Development

All the Tools You Need and the Flexibility You Want

Personal Account ManagementIt is not merely a question of giving out Incentive Reward Points or Promotional Items.  Many companies offer incentive gifts and promotional giveaways, but stimulating people to become repeat customers or energizing people to put forth greater effort on your company’s behalf is a very tricky challenge.

Not every customer or potential customer reacts to Marketing and Promotional material in the same way, nor does every sales representative or member of your staff respond alike to contests or other motivational tactics.  An efficient and effective incentive program needs to be customized to meet the requirements of your business and keep the interest of your participants.

Market Incentives works closely with you to develop a comprehensive cultural understanding of the people who purchase your products/services and the nature and unique interests of your Sales Representatives, Administrative Staff, or other Incentive Program Participants. From the initial conception and development of your Incentive Program through the ongoing daily management and distribution of Incentive Rewards, our professional Incentive Support team will provide the attention to detail, incentive program analytics, real-time reporting, and knowledge of what “works” to aid you from start to finish.

Achieve Many Goals with Custom Design

Many clients often have more than one goal that they would like to achieve through their incentive program. At Market Incentives, you are not limited to choosing just one of our many incentive services. We will work with you to design your program so that you achieve everything you want to achieve, all through one comprehensive program.

For example, if you want to increase your sales volume but your managers have also expressed an interest in more training for their sales teams, we can incorporate points for hitting sales quotas as well as training incentives. Or, if you are interested in a seasonal sales program but your high or low selling seasons vary by geographic location, we can accommodate this too.

Whatever the combination of your Company’s needs and requirements, Market Incentives has the capabilities and the experience to institute effective Motivational Incentive Programs and Reward Programs to satisfy the interests of employers, employees, customers and any other applicable Program Participants while staying within your Corporate Budget.

“Stock” Incentive Programs Do Not Suit Every Company

Our goal at Market Incentives is to help you design your own custom program so that you stand out from the competition, not follow it.  Our clients have told us that they love our flexibility with program design.  We think it is important that every program have its own niche, which is what ends up keeping it exciting and setting your program apart.

We strive to maintain vigilant statistics and online communication with all of your Incentive Program Participants, throughout the course of your program, to evaluate the Quality and Effectiveness of your Incentive Program as you are going along, without being intrusive.  We give you the ability to tweak goals and budgets as necessary while the program is running, not afterwards when it is too late.  This level of communication provides us the opportunity to review with your management team any proposed ongoing adjustments to the program, so that you can achieve the results you expect.