Personal Account Management

The Support You Need to Get Started and Continue Getting Results

Personal Account ManagementAll of our Incentive Programs include Full Program Setup and ongoing Maintenance Assistance from our highly trained Incentive Marketing Consultants. As part of our Quality Assurance Program, we also pair your Company with one of our fully cross-trained customer service representatives.  Between these two individuals, you always have a contact to go to who understands the intricate details of your account and is available for daily questions and concerns. 

We can also help you to ensure that the “rules” of your Incentive Program are made clear to all of your participants so that everyone understands how to reach the goals you have set forth for them.  Additionally, we provide your participants with access to our toll-free Customer Service Hot Line—all at no extra cost to you.

At every step of the way, as your Corporate Incentive Program progresses from month-to-month, or year-to-year, our dedicated Incentive Marketing and Service professionals will be there to meet with you and to assess what parts of your Incentive Program are working and what parts of the Program might need updating.  Our firm commitment is to be there for your Company and your Incentive Program participants continually to suggest ways to make your program engaging and effective.

How does a Customized Incentive Program come together?

STEP ONE: Program Planning

In the beginning, we will spend time with you discussing what your needs are.  We will work with your Company to discover new or untapped areas of opportunity for developing an effective Incentive Program.  This includes evaluating all of your Business goals and objectives and discussing your Financial Budget.  Depending on the areas we decide to focus on, we will design an appropriate Incentive Rewards Platform to correspond with your Business objectives.

STEP TWO: Technology Setup and Communication

We have various levels of technology available to you to get your Incentive Program started.  If you would like to utilize our web-based software, this is an easy and quick solution.  If you would like to integrate your company intranet or other technology platform with our Corporate Incentive software, our information technology experts will work with yours to develop any necessary web services to coordinate our systems seamlessly.

At this point we will also work with you to communicate the program to your participants.  We can solely use the web portal we have developed and direct your participants to your new custom website or we can add other marketing materials that generate enthusiasm prior to launch and throughout the program. 

STEP THREE:  Tracking & Reporting

Once your Custom Incentive Program has been communicated successfully to your participants and launched, our online Incentive Management software provides your management team with detailed Incentive Program analytics.  Our comprehensive information tools allow for the tracking of all Incentive Program activities, including Individual Participant Earning Activity, various Performance Metrics, Incentive Reward Redemptions, Corporate ROI Calculations, and much more.

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